Rashba spin orbit coupling thesis

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Rashba effect

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Spin-Orbit Coupling and Magnetism in Multilayer Graphene

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Abstract. Spin-orbit (SO) coupling leads to many fundamental phenomena in a wide range of quantum systems from nuclear physics, condensed matter physics to atomic physics. For instance, in electronic condensed matter systems, SO coupling can lead to quantum spin Hall states or topological insulators, which have potential applications in quantum Author: Ramachandhran Balasubramanian.

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Sample thesis dissertation. In this thesis, we have investigated theoretically the effect of spin-orbit coupling on the energy level spectrum and spin texturing of a quantum wire with parabolic confining potential subjected to perpendicular magnetic field. The final chapter includes the results of our extensive work on various aspects regarding the two dimensional Fermi liquid in the presence of linear Rashba spin-orbit coupling.

By using a number of many-body techniques, we have studied the interplay between spin-orbit coupling. Direct spin-ripplon coupling to Each of the excited level T 2 = s Virtual escape of electron from the dot. Other spin-orbit interactions Solids: interaction of spin of one electron with an orbital motion of another electron E g Rashba and other spin-orbit.

Effective tight-binding model for MX2 under electric and magnetic fields K. V. Shanavas* Materials Science and Technology Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TennesseeUSA S. Satpathy Department of Physics, University of Missouri, Columbia, MissouriUSA.

Rashba spin orbit coupling thesis
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